By making a donation to our chosen charities rather than paying a traditional estate agent’s fee you know that you’re making a vital contribution to the way they operate. Charities survive on the generosity of others and the crucial services they provide benefit all of us.

Our chosen charities are the Midlands Air Ambulance and the YMCA so here is a bit more information about them so that you know that your contribution will be going to a fantastic cause.

Midlands Air Ambulance

Midlands Air Ambulance is the charity responsible for funding and operating three air ambulances serving the communities of six Midlands counties: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. This constitutes the largest air ambulance operating region in the UK.

Since 1991, Midlands Air Ambulance has responded to more than 42,000 missions averaging 2,000 per year. The service is absolutely vital. Air Ambulances enable patients to reach hospitals within what’s known as the ‘Golden Hour’. This is 60 minutes after the injury and gives the patient the best chance of survival following their injury. Without this service, many more people would die from their injuries.

They receive no government funding or money from the National Lottery and more than £6.5 million is needed every year to keep their three air ambulances operational.

By donating part of your estate agency fee to the Midlands Air Ambulance you are making a massive contribution to sustaining their future.


There are currently 114 YMCAs across the UK set up to meet the needs of young people in their area. The YMCA reaches out to different communities and engages with young people from groups that can be hard to reach.

As well as providing a bed for homeless young people to sleep, they also strive to help young people gain the training, skills and confidence they need to go on to lead independent lives.

The YMCA focuses on providing young people with a range of vital services such as support and advice, health and wellbeing, training and education, accommodation and family work. The work they do is critical to the ongoing development of younger generations so that they can find their place in the world.

By donating part of your estate agency fee to the YMCA you are making a much appreciated contribution to their cause.

To find out more about Free Move and why we are so passionate about supporting our chosen charities then please get in touch.