Everyone who buys a property or remortgages needs a solicitor to do the necessary conveyancing work.

Solicitors will:

  • Facilitate the process and ensure that all monies are in place before contracts are exchanged
  • Check the lease, liaise with the solicitor of the other party and the mortgage lender.
  • Carry out ‘searches’ for the property you are buying to make sure there are no developments that may affect it.
  • Ensure that all the paperwork and mortgage is in place.

To save you the hassle of finding your own solicitor, we have a panel of approved solicitors to choose from that can deal with everything you need. We have worked with these solicitors for many years and you can have peace of mind that they have the experience of dealing with all the parties involved in the process to make it as smooth and as problem-free as possible.

By choosing a solicitor from our panel we can influence the process in a positive way because of the excellent relationships we have already established with them. This can be particularly helpful towards the end of the process when everybody is anxious to exchange contracts.

If you are looking for a solicitor to handle your conveyancing requirements, then please get in touch.